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Fiscal and corporate assistance

The studio offers complete assistance for all taxing and accounting activities within a company regarding direct and indirect regulations, as well as consultancy for the implication of new norms.This assistance covers all aspects of records and accounting.

The studio also offers consultancy in corporate law for all recurring civil requirements, as well as for the creation of new initiatives and management of partner relations. The office gives special attention to corporate groups, starting from the preparation of civil and consolidated fiscal documentation to the total management of civil and taxing aspects.


Accounting and tax services

Account keeping services, creation of reports and balance sheets, tax reports for corporations, associations, as well as international and professional organisations.
Management activities and the following of taxing regulations. Fiscal planning in relation to the taxing of private individuals and consultancy in the negotiation and transfer of shares, quotas, and corporate assets, succession of corporate titles e generational transfers, as well as the organisation of family businesses.


International taxation

The studio has experience in the taxation of countries in and out of the European Union, deals to avoid double taxes as well as international treaties. This way, the studio helps to guide the client in each facet of international taxation, merges and acquisitions, joint ventures and management of financial fluxes. The studio offers complete assistance in the area of transfer pricing, cost sharing agreement and in all other aspects relating to the planning and structuring of international investments.
For a long time, the studio collaborates with multiple local correspondents who are highly trustworthy. This relationship with foreign professionals, chosen among the best in each country, guarantees a highly qualified array of services to the client.



Legal control of accounts and accounting revisions

The professionals at Studio Zanotti act as internal auditors in a capital company in the industrial, commercial or financial sectors.
The studio is structured in order to professionally execute functions of accounting revisions and activities of due diligence.



Tax litigation and tax rulings

The studio offers assistance in the verification of financial management, that being in the early stages of litigation for the management of relations with the fiscal supervisory bodies and the creation of pending tax reports, or in the representation to the taxing authorities.

The studio acts in disputes with both Italian and international fiscal authorities. Apart from that, the studio formulates preventive national and international ruling requests.

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